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Rayne's World: Level 1 Rayne's World: Level 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I also love this guy!! :D

The least I could do is write a decent review:
Great Mario parody, controls are good, I love the use of the original sounds, and the way you used the prostitute... Absolutely genius! :)
Will there be any Redbull-goodness in the following levels? :)

And for those who don't know who Rayne (the main character in this game) is, check out! Give Ryan and Lar some love, they deserve it!

Ramps Ramps

Rated 4 / 5 stars


pretty good game
some people before me said the same: add more variation, some extra stuff besides ramps, such as (don't know if already suggested by someone) : gateways/transportholes, conveyorbelts, disappearing walls, ventilations (blowing and sucking... kinky :)) trampolines and magnets (standard stuff),more exits that have to be reached, ...

but since this game is called "Ramps", i'm not going to give you a hard time just 'cause there are no other stuff besides the obvious ramps :)

only got to level 23 thus far, but i'll keep trying when i find the time :)

LOVED the original passwords! the milk one was funny :p

keep up the good work, would love to play a sequel

-&amp;gt;- Skies of War -&amp;lt;- ->- Skies of War -<-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

indeed, better than rails of war

but is it just me, or does my bomber (third plane accesible) keep crashing when i try to land it??
perfect arrival every time, crash every time, really bugs me

but none the less, keep up the good games

Youdagames responds:

When you land a B52 make sure that you start your approach early. So that the runway is used 100%

Newgrounds Rumble Newgrounds Rumble

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ultimate brawler!

convict game indeed was the toughest fight in the game, but i did manage to beat it, the ending says he didn't take the "throne" but disappeared to control NG from the sidelines and stuff
barely made it out alive :)
really: greatest fightgame on NG i've encountered, and i would be really really happy if you made a second one :) one with RAB or Foamy or one of the Transfomers... or that green dude from college university... more than enough NGcharacters to use
and add more upgrades, and maybe bigger maps (more places to jump/hide)

definately keep up the good work

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IndestructoTank! IndestructoTank!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

quite decent

was a good game, very entertaining when i should be studying
there was something that really bugged me though: there were times where it would take more than 200 fuel, just waiting for enemies to show up! that means about 30 seconds with no enemies on the screen!!!! made me lose a few times, really annoying!!!! make sure you try to fix that in IT2, or at least make the time interval shorter, like make sure it doesn't take longer than 5 seconds for another wave of enemies to arrive

ideas for IT2: add gun-upgrades, improve fuel-efficiency, a button to give you just a little jump when not airborn, improve weapons of the enemies, resulting in bigger blasts, higher fire-rate or better accuracy, ... ooh, and maybe bosses every 5 or 10 lvls? like you have to hit certain parts to destroy them...

other than that: great concept, one of the more original games on NG
went straight to my favorites.

with the bouncing and the bombing and the adrenalinerush when getting more than 50 combo...

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Pandemic: EoM Pandemic: EoM

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

not bad at all

don't listen to everyone that says this game sucks, because it doesn't! agreed, the first one might be the better, but this one has its own qualities and good points!
keep up the good work! (cause if you don't...) ;)

The Impossible Quiz The Impossible Quiz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this game is absolutely fabulous dude/chick!

disclaimer: warning! this is not your average review (but i hope Splapp-me-do can relate to the randomness and not-making-sense-of-things) i just have to much spare time on my hands
sorry for any bad english in the following review, english is only my second language (dutch being the first) hey, I just count to two! whoopie!!

man/woman, this game is like absolutely fabulous (as stated above)
when I first played it, I was like all up to question 11, but then my dad said i like had to go to bed, cause it was already like 0:37 on a schoolnight, and I was all like "duuuuude, just let me finish this" and he was all like "go to bed, ya friggin' punk! before i throw that pc of yours trough the window" and I was all like *whispers to the game* "I'll come back tomorrow, and I'll finish you, you'll see, don't worry, you're my prrrreciousssss" (with the evil laugh and the "mwhuhahahahaaaaa" like some not-bald Dr. Evil) and the next day I came back to Newgrounds, and still didn't finish the game after more than a hundred re-try's (correct english? think not) and just kept going, and now I think I'm like even more addicted to this then to drinking beer (and let me tell you, I'm pretty addicted to the beer-drinking-thingy, seeing als the legal age in Belgium foor the drinking of the beers is 18... (deliberately not speaking correct english here))
making a long story short: the comets made me retry this quiz for a looooong time, but I did find the solution (only to be stopped later by another question, most likely just as anyone else who managed to solve the o so famous and feared Number 66) and that cat with the "is that a cow-moo I'm hearing?" and the "sugar-honey-thing-which-I -find-rather-clever" and the thinking that all the questions are eeeeaaaasy, as long as you've found the answer in the previous try to solve all the questions" and then some more random thingy's
the hammer-time was funny!!!
i think that the only people who are actually capable of solving this quiz in one single try, are those on druuuuugs (or mister/madam Splapp-me-do himself/herself)

summary: I gave everything 10, except for the music, only 8 (kinda bothered me, but i was to lame to turn it off, story of my life)

to everyone who asked for the answer to any of the questions: QUITTERS! and save-functions take all the fun away!

ow dude, make a second, I'll be all like "wooooow, a second one" and all like "not hungry, I'm... developing my brain trough the art of quizzing!" or something like that when i have to go down for dinner

i guess you just spoiled a lot of your time reading this... just know: i spoiled a lot more of my time typing this/going to the bathroom/playing the quiz today! but maaaaan, was it worth it!

Splapp-me-do responds:

Ahahah, great review! :p Glad you enjoyed it so much (and got addicted MWAHAHAH!). I'd love to make a second one... so watch this space!